Cosmetic Dentistry/Esthetics

Composite Bonding

Composite dental bonding is one of the simplest and most conservative ways of masking minor imperfections in your smile, including cracks, chips, gaps, and discoloration. We perform composite bonding by coating the affected area with tooth-colored resin or plastic. This material is then bonded to the tooth with activation by a high-intensity light. The resulting restoration looks and functions just like natural tooth enamel and can be carefully sculpted to lengthen a tooth, fill in a chip or widen a tooth to mask a gap.

Teeth Whitening

As we age, our teeth get darker. Supervised teeth whitening is safe for your tooth enamel. A dental scaling and prophylaxis can quickly and effectively lifting external stains left by tea, coffee, tobacco, wine, and other staining substances. Internal stains need to be bleached to be removed. Bleaching can similarly remove some of the natural darker pigments some peoples teeth may have to reveal a new, younger, whiter smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-crafted shells of luminous porcelain that are bonded to the teeth to mask discoloration, chips, misalignment, and other imperfections. These porcelain facings are fabricated in a dental laboratory and are a 2 visit procedure. This type of restorations removes alot less natural tooth structure and can sometimes be offered as an alternative to full coverage crowns.

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