Preventative Dentistry

Annual and Bi-Annual Dental Examination

To keep your teeth healthy, it is important for the dentist to check your teeth every six months for cleaning, and once a year to check your teeth using x-rays.

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiographs are one of the newest X-ray techniques, using up to 80% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. The computer image is available instantly.

Regular prophylaxis scaling and polishing

Scaling and polishing regularly by your hygienist helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile whiter. Scaling removes the hard tartar which cannot be removed by brushing. Polishing removes stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine. We recommend that you have your teeth scaled and polished at least every six months.


Dental sealants act as a barrier, protecting the teeth against decay. The sealants are usually applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (premolars and molars) where decay occurs in the depths of the grooves of the teeth. The treatment can benefit adults too, but children benefit the most from sealants. If the sealants are applied just after the first molars have erupted then there will be less chance of cavity causing bacteria invading the teeth.

Anti-clenching/grinding night guards

Teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching is a common habit. These habits cause wear of the biting surface of your teeth. Sometimes so much of the tooths enamel is worn down that the underlying dentin is exposed and the teeth can become excessively sensitive. Grinding and clenching can cause chipping of the front teeth or make the teeth appear to be getting shorter and shorter over time. Sometimes these habits present in conjunction with facial pain, fatigue.

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